Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Im still here......

I promise..... i havent updated really anything as i just havent had the time and i think im paying for it now....Ashlee would like some Ashlee time please.

Ok so this is the well OVERDUE update on Anton......

So as you guys know i went for a walk with him on Monday night.... we went by the river and walked for over 2 hours... i wore thongs (flipflops) and i havent been able to walk properly for 2 days since ... my feet feel constantly like they are no fire.... not doing that again, i need to buy myself a good pair of trainers.

So we walked and talked.... i told him i had the surgery and he was surprised...we sat down for a little and tried to talk about all the past stuff and he appoligised and addmited things i didnt think he would admit too. He said he understood it was hard to be friends with guys like him and Bryce as they are so scattered so it was nice to hear that come out of his mouth too.
He told me he missed me and the old times.... he asked me if i was seeing anyone and i told him i hadnt been with a guy for awhile but yes there had been someone since i had last spoken to him.

SO HERES THE FUN PART..... when i talked about him being with anyone he said his still waiting to find that special girl and that his slept with a couple of people but nothing interesting..... so he seems to be lying about this chick i saw as his g.f on facebook.... im a good stalker i tell you... but they arent friends on facebook!?! thats weird no? isnt like everyone who they are in a relationship with on facebook together unless he is trying to keep her secret or is breaking it off from her.... its uber weird.

It was fun... i miss him. When it is just the two of us its always awesome, we like the same things, joke about the same crap and relate to the same stupid stuff and we both have wacked out sence of humours.... all i can say it was really nice..... i did quite possibly just want to jump him pin him down and have my way with him in the bushes but then i thought i better not scare him like that.
He mentioned hanging out on Sunday and going to the movies.... but i havent heard from him since we walked so who knows... maybe he saw me again and got weird and doesnt want to talk and hang again... i dunno.
Im glad i saw him though although it did bring up old feelings.

Me before the walk :D
This is the huge bridge we walked under

This is the ENORMOUS bridge we walked across

Better photo of bridge?! lol

Him running away from me because he hates how i take photos of everything

smoke break.... ahahahah his hopeless.

Ok this is unrelated but yesterday i went out for lunch and i got a club sandwhich... why i dont know but all of yesterday i just kept getting stuck.... everything i ate hurt going down :( it was a sad day.... so basically i had a few chips and then the inside of the club sandwhich which i still struggled with as well..... this doesnt show the magnitude of how much bread there was and how much bread i DIDNT eat lol..... talk about waste of money ahahah

Mountain of ridiculous bread it was good in theory but failed hard.
On the band front.... get this i emailed my surgeon and basically lightly said what i said to you guys about being unsure of whether i need a fill or not and he simply emailed me back and said "thats what a consultation is for" so his saying basically i have to pay $200 to go and ask him those questions.... why do drs have to be so about money.... that rigght pissed me off so i havent rebooked anything yet more so out of anger but honestly with the way i have been getting stuck i dont really want a fill.... i havent pb'd but i got super close yesterday with how much i was getting stuck even tho i promise i was chew chew chewwwwwing my little heart out.
On the exercise front.... i think i have been pushing myself a lot and need to give myself a little break although the scales havent said much of a change.
Im tired.... i think i need a day off to chill... i dont really give myself that anymore, im literally active like EVERYDAY of the week now whether it be exercising or something in general.
The fact i hurt my feet hasnt helped so that has slowed me down quite a bit.... so Today (wednesday) i havent done anything and i dont think i will.... basically at the moment im doing 2 work outs a day and thats full on.... but it feels good!
I had a super fun crazy dinner at my house last night that i might share in another post and there are a couple of photos!
As for now thats enough from me i think
Ash x


  1. Just thought I would say hello. I have the same dr as you - banded 6 weeks ago. I went to the seminar they had on Monday night which was interesting. Congrats on how well you are doing. xx

  2. oh my .. that is a mountain of bread!! I'm gonna miss bread ....

  3. Oh I hope it works out for you too *fingers crossed*

    Whoa thats a lot of bread, I honestly haven't had any bread since July 3rd before my pre-op diet. I'm afraid to eat bread.

  4. Wow! What a stack of bread. No wonder you had trouble. Re your doc, that is so annoying! You know yourself how you feel, so don't make the appointment if you feel you're managing ok at the moment. Thank goodness all my adjustments are inclusive of the original cost. I would hate to have to pay $200 just for a chat and then to walk out not having a fill when you knew you didn't need one anyway!

  5. You look really good in that photo, I bet anton was happy to see your for that walk!! So...he doesn't have a gf now? Did you guys kiss!!??

    I don't blame you for not rebooking at the doctor, that email sounds kind of blunt. I would be kind of annoyed if I had to pay that $200 each time!! We are young, we don't have that amount of spare cash. Mine was a full fee so I get mine for free thankfully.

    Have a rest!! Take it easy ash x

  6. If I had to pay $200, I would not make an appt until ii was conifident I needed a fill & would GET a fill! In another note, as far as the guy situation I will give you the same advise that I gave my own daughter in your situation . You can't your life looking in the rearview mirror, how will you ever move forward? You have started a beautiful new chapter in your life. Step into it! Embrace it ! There will be awesome boys without all the baggage waiting for you (hugs)