Thursday, September 16, 2010

A nice little picture post of things n stuff.

So here are some fun things i did the other day and i took photos of them like the geeky photo person i am :P

Whos tried astronaut food.....?! I hadnt until the other night.... ROCK N ROLL, i totally felt like a spaceman.
This is the dried out icecream.... it was weird eating it, it melts on your tongue and tastes like icecream but warm which is kinda nasty.... i tried alittle of each flavour and then stopped.
This was tonight dinner... yum yum yum. Mince meat cooked into rissoles with various vegies inside with a side of salad.... oh and the gravy.... yum yum... i cant believe how much better i am with cooking these days.
This is my friends convertible that her fiance bought her as a suprise.... i went to visit her on a work day because it was so nice out and sitting in the office was driving me nar nars and it was so nice because they live directly on the ocean.....
The view down to the coast just in front of their house..... we went and got milkshakes nom nom
My friend driving :D
Driving through Freo (which not many of you would have idea what that place is ahaha)
An awesome shot of the coast before we went back to their house.... my friends are lovely and they have a self contained apartment in Noosa Queensland Australia that they said i was allowed to stay in whenever i wanted if it was free for free. Its on the otherside of Australia but it would be a great opportunity for me to destress. So thats an idea maybe...

Tomorrow is Friday... woohoo.... yay. Bring on the weekend.... friends invited me by the river on Saturday for a BBQ so i might go down if the weather is nice with Harry and go see them all and their babies which are growing up super fast... its weird to think my friends have babies as half of them all still seem like babies ahaha.


  1. Mmmmmm...that dinner looks oh so yummy!

  2. I do like the look of that view and the dinner looks pretty good too:)

  3. No thanks for the astronaut food. When I was in the militia we had rations which sucked. The only good thing was the mini chocolate bar. But your dinner looked yummy. You should post a recipe next time you make something that looks that good and it looks band friendly.

  4. What a view! Makes me want to see your side of Aus one day. Dinner looks delish!