Friday, September 24, 2010

My body is super whingy.

Wowzers.... what a couple of days it has been...
I took two days off of work this week Thur/Fri as there its a long weekend and i have monday off too so its allowed for me to have 5 days of freedom.

Since the surgery i cant justify sitting around as much... i like to be active and do things rather then sitting around watching movies which is what i used to do in the past all the time.
Yesterday i painted 3 sections of the front of my house to spruce it up.... i woke up and took the dog for a walk then exercised for 30mins then got into the painting at about 9am and didnt finish until 1pm. I hadnt realised how hot it actually was outside and i ended up getting burnt on the back of my neck, arms, face and legs :( was so exhasuted by the afternoon and i really didnt want to cook so Mike and i went to dinner at hogsbreath and then went to the movies.... we saw The Last AIrbender and it was so much better then i thought it would be... i friggin loved it! So i thought id be to tired to do much today (Friday) but nope... got up early and went to the beach by myself at 8:30 with Harry and there are way to many pictures documenting it ahahah but it was beautiful.
After the beach i went to my sisters house to play with my niece and swim in their new pool before lunch and it was lovely and it was fun swimming with my niece shes so cute.
Now im at home chilling out which i think is well deserved.
The weekend doesnt mean to much to me at the moment, im thinking of weeding some more of the backyard tomorrow if its not too hot but we shall see how that goes.

No band news...

Im jealous of you BOOBSTERS... you are all going to have so much fun and i cant wait to see the updates :)

So after the last couple of days my body is a wreck... its so so sore which is a good thing but by golly it took it out of me.

Here i am after painting the front, i was so hot and sweaty... i took off my pants to sit on the chair to not get paint on it but it was so much cooler it was awesome ahahah
After i painted i hadnt had any breakfast or any food since i had begun, only water so once i was done i made myself a fresh strawberry smoothie and felt heaps better.
This is where we parked before we go out to go to the beach.... such a nice morning!
The walk to the beach
IT didnt take HArry long to get in. This was the first time he and i had gone to the beach since he was a puppy because he didnt live with me... i didnt realise how much he loved the water.
IT was so pretty... the water was so tempting, i wanted to get in but i didnt have my bathers nor would i feel safe leaving my stuff on the beach.
HEres me walking along through the water.
Harrys footprints My feet in the water it was so nice.
Hi blogging friends!
After our walk we went to the little cafe on the beach got a water and a choc milkshake.

This was me when i got home from swimming in my sisters pool, it was freezing but refreshing.


  1. Great pics once again. The water looks beautiful!

  2. You are blessed to live in such an amazing place!

  3. you take such excellent pictures! I enjoy photography and I love that you always post pics! It's great!

  4. Beautiful photos. I want your life, or at least I want to live where you live. It's gorgeous. I love the beach. The nearest one to me is covered with tacky amusements and shops. Its horrible.
    You look fab by the way!