Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Its been a little while...

Oh Hai!

Hey kids.... sorry i havent blogged, i finally have my Internet back at home where i can update, i dont really like updating at work because i dont have the time.

Whats been happening you say!? Lots and not a lot....

So after my fill things have been good, i havent been eating like crazy and im at a good place right now, we just have to hope and pray that it stays this way.
After reading blogs where people say somedays they can eat anything and somedays the band is tight i now know that feeling. Today from like 10am through to about 5pm i had this feeling of nausea which has meant i have barely eaten anything. I came home and had some crackers and cheese and the crackers got stuck because i wasnt thinking and hoffed it down... it hurt but i jumped around punching my chest and it finally budged, im proud to say i still havent thrown any of my food back up which makes me feel good.
So i jumped on the scales i think on Monday morning as i hadnt done this for awhile and i was in fear but HARK all is well! I have lost another 1.6kilos which is fantastic and makes me so much more motivated and it does make me realise that its all worth it even if it is slow.... Its not crazy noticeable but hey soon enough itll happen and i cant wait for a new wardrobe. That next little bit of loss has brought me to 26.3 kilos lost which is 57.86lbs ROCK N ROLL but still a long way to go!

I had an incredibly depressing weekend but i wont go into that, what i will say about my weekend though was that i was crazy active which is awesome. Saturday i cleaned my car top to bottom, mowed my lawns and weeded the whole backyard which was a huge crazy ass work out in itself and it worked my stomach muscles which was awesome!

On the band front it seems everything is going pretty good with this fill... as for my personal and work life we wont go into that because as always its crazy and horrid depressing but i dont want to be a negative larry. Its all ok.... im alright just like being kept busy at the moment.

Boys are still confusing... after talking with some good friends and getting good advice im seeing it as all ok :D no stress bro....

Anyways what im eating constantly these days are strawberries as they are in season... check out the photos below of them.... my little strawberry photo slideshow ahaha-

Check it out its huge...
ME eating the giant strawberry if that wasnt obvious lol
This one was enormous as my face is vividly showing...

Me attempting to eat the giant
This is it in the middle half eaten.... i loved how crazy this photo is
So this is a photo after i had done all the gardening and what not.... at least nasty photos arent looking as nasty as they used to.Harry being ridiculously cute

So now that my internet is back its time to catch up on, true blood, mad men, weeds, entourage, jersey shore, the MTV music awards and keeping up with the kardashians lol! BRing it on!


  1. LOL, you are a total crazy card. I'm glad your back up and running.
    Congrats on the great loss.

  2. I am glad your getting some relief from hunger with your fill. I love strawberries too, now I do have to be very careful, the seeds have caused s stuck episode with me, take tiny bites & chew the hell out of it, like any other foods!

  3. Just caught up on your entries from the last week. Good news re the fill! I love your photos, they are so clear. Well done on the weightloss too. Nearly 30 kg in three months is amazing!

  4. Love the pictures, you're doing great!
    Harry is very cute!

  5. LOVE your pictures! LOVE your Blog...wish you were coming to CHICAGO!!!

  6. I love your pictures!! Those strawberries look divine :)

  7. I love Strawberries.... Yum! You look amazing! Congrats on the new Low! *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Follow my journey at mybigfatbandgeeklife.blogspot.com

  8. Your ring looks like a giant chocolate, ROFL!!

  9. Love the faces you make! lol
    Congrats on your loss!