Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random crazy crud...

So today... its blerg..... thats because i got TTOTM Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :(

I shall not let it stop me... although its certainly not stopping my hunger... wowzers i had a giant salad for lunch today and a piece of Banana Bread.... nom nom nom nom.

My week is nearly over as the next 2 days are HECTIC!

One of my tenants had to come into my office to pick something up and she saw one of the pictures of me in the polka dot and shes like omg is that you, you look so prretty ahahaha i was like yeah i dont doll myself up that much for work.... i certainly dont... please refer to below blerg picture of myself feeling super blergy blerg.

I dont have much to say.... so thats why i have put a couple of my own photos with a bunch of random pictures off my work computer i thought you might all want to see ahahah.

Me = Blerg.
New bag i bought :D

My iphone looks whacked out.... i love it.

TO DO TODAY.... everything.

Jack Huston, if i could eat you, i would.

Robert knows he is mine.

Huurrrduuuurrr Dolly.

Me when my niece was first brought home from hospital... she was only a week old... CUTEY.

I dont know what it is... but i want one.

No words needed.


I want this dress and to possibly die my hair blonde again oneday and look rocking like this...

Can you imagine it.... id have to replace it everyday!

this dog is happier then me right now!

Bjork because i love her.

Chewbacca should have been this sexy in star wars

GOD DAMN YOU TWILIGHT FOR CREATING MY RIDICULOUS OBSESSION. For the most part i keep quiet how over the top obsessed i am... shh.

Bam Bam i want to bang bang you. ahahah
Hope you all enjoyed... it certainly lightened my mood.
ash x


  1. Love the photo's especially Dolly!
    I think that you'll find that Robert P likes an older English (fatter) woman and he's picked me, sorry xx

    There is a Brit website called vivien of holloway, they make 50's style dresses, you'd look fantastic in one. Have a look

  2. Ahhhh the photo of the dog with the cake is ADORABLE!!!!!!!! And also I want that chocolate keyboard SO BADLY!!! xx

  3. Closet Twilight fan here also. Picture this "Mid 30's mum lining up with young screaming fans at the midnight screening all alone."
    I didn't care and loved every second of it.
    Must say I think that is the best Robert picture I have seen. Yumo.

  4. Totally love twilight too.... mmmm Jacob

  5. You might like these websites also, if you hadn't found them already.
    I love them.

  6. Ohhhh Nikki - you NAUGHTY GIRL! LOL I'm trying not to click those links.

    I also think you'd love Super Kawaii Mumma. She is delicious and Australian and has tutorials on red lippie and 40's hair and stuff.

    P.S. BAM BAM who are you? Get in muh belly.

  7. Um........ Rob is MINE, sorry. But also... I am obsessed, too! How can a grown woman like me be obsessed... ugh!

    Can I tell you, though. I have now become obsessed with something MORE than Twilight! AND MORE THAN ROB!

    It is VAMPIRE DIARIES... I rented the first season and am now completely obsessed, it has now become my #1 show, and unfortunately.... Stefan in the show is now my #1 obsession over Rob! Ugh!! I love that show and that man!!

    Ok, I am done... for now. :P

  8. You are soooo stinking gorgeous!!!

  9. You could so pull off the black dress chic thing! You will be that size (or smaller), you rock that style...just easy! Hotness!

    I love that pic of Robert Pat, photoshopped and oh so sexy!

    Picture of bam bam, thank u for making me hot so early in the day! ;)

  10. Thanks for the laugh. I especially liked the pink dog thingy and the sign about keeping the exorcisms to the weekend. Gotta remember that one. And can we pre-order those chocolate keyboards. Love em, but like you I'd need a new one every day!

  11. Great pictures! I'd be in trouble if I had a chocolate keyboard. Oh how I'd love to get my hands on Robert!