Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Im hungry... ahaha nothing new.

I forgot to bring in my optifast for breakfast :( SO HUNGRY arghhhh and i have eaten a banana but its just not enough.
Ok so firstly.... sorry guys but im not going to add anyone from my blog land to my facebook, please dont take it personally, not everyone knows about my surgery and id hate for someone to accidentally say something but dont worry your not missing out on anything because i post all my photos on here, im keeping facebook (hopefully) very simple. PLEASE DONT HATE ME :P

Ok onto other things.... im hungry... oh wait what no, need to stop thinking about food. Seriously since the surgery all i think about is food, i have become more obsessive about it. GRR!

Everything in my life is ticking along pretty good at the moment but i am paranoid about work.... im not going to go into it, things are good but things might change which means i might change and maybe thats not a bad thing.... but i say im going to go with the flow right now until anything happens :D

Man i started writting this at 10am this morning now its 1:30pm ahahah the day has flown by.

Poor Harry is not well and im taking him to the vet today becuase he cant walk on one of his paws and not having my joggin partner is pretty sucky so i need him better ahaha.

My gosh i have had facebook for 48hours and Bryce (who never wanted to get facebook) has already added me.... he was the one from a previous post awhile back. He said he knows things were screwed up in the past and that he wants to see me again... hmmmm we shall see.
So last night we got Mexican woo woo my favourite to celebrate mike getting his braces off... i made him smoosh food into his teeth to fully embrace the bracelessness ahahah then we went to churros chocolate cafe after (lol so much for no chocolate). It was super duper fun :)

Mike and i .... check out his pearlers
Kylie being a dork
Her boyfriend Daragh

Our meals

We bought a chocolate moustache!

so there you go.... last nights adventures.
I felt super bad this morning because i didnt get up and exercise because HArry is sore. So tonight im gardening and then when thats done im going to the pools for a swim... i dont want to stop the momentum im in at the moment, must keep going ahahah.


  1. Was thinking about growing my mo for movember but I think your chocolate ones are a much better idea :)
    Great pictures, and get well wishes to Harry.

  2. Love the tache's!!! Looks like a fun night for sure! Have fun swimming!

  3. yummmm....i work in a mexican resturant so i know how yummy all that stuff is!!

  4. Love the chocolate mustache! Classic! Super cute pictures hon!!

  5. Oh my gosh! I adore Mexican food. I eat it like 3 times a week. Unfortunately I am weak when I eat it and make poor choices most of the time. ahaha I must stay a away from it for a while.

    Cute pictures....I wish there was a chocolate place around here like that!

  6. I think I'm glad that I don't know where there is a chocolate place near me :-D

    Hope Harry gets better soon!!!!

  7. Hmmm...Harry is sore!! lol

    p.s. LOVE the chocolate Moustaches!!!!