Saturday, November 27, 2010

No pill no more...

Last weekend OPIA toured with MM9 one of my ridiculously favoourite bands from Sydney. I have followed MM9 for about 3 years and when i found out OPIA were touring i died a little. So 3 days we all hung out.
On the friday night in Bunbury i sat down with the drummer from MM9 and talked for about 2 hours about life and all its craziness..... his talk woke me up to a lot of things... it was one of the most special conversations i have had in a long time. See pics below from the fun fun.

Kym being a goof with Ebs ET chico
Ebs, Elisa and myself

Im not on the pill anymore for contraception from my doctors and i have no idea when my period is coming on...... so anyways i should just read it by the ridiculous amount of chocolate i want... the last two days have been insane.... not really bad fatty foods more so just chocolate. There we go.... ITS HERE Arghhhh.

How exciting... everyone wanted to know that.

ps. Christina Augleria (sp?) looks so so bad these days.

pps. tonight im going to my first roller derby here in WA, i have been getting fitter and have been wanting to join derby for years.

ppps. my mum gave me an awesome elliptical trainer and its hard yacker but AWESOME. I have had any weightloss but i think i have been gaining a lot of muscle heres hoping this will regulate soon.

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  1. I can't wait to see Christina Aguilera's new movie Burlesque... I love Burlesque and it looks like it's gonna be awesome. *Maria*