Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh you guys....

**i wrote this yesterday but it didnt post... here we go again :D**

LOL you guys are so funny and crazy supportive.

Everyone says such nice things.... i know people look at my photos and think "she doesnt look that big, she actually looks pretty darn normal" well its LIES i tell you LIES.... the answer is simple.... im good with the camera and can take good shots. Yes these days i do look better in photos... i have less face fat which means my photos have ended up looking better which is good but trust me.... under my clothes there is some nasty shit going on. I have always been very particular with how i dress and how i do my hair to make me look smaller aahahah.

Im a photowhore.... i cant understand how i can be so angry at myself for the way i look yet take a ridiculous amount of photos of myself. With clothes on im a lot more comfortable thats for sure... :P

Its really hot in my part of the world.... just my luck to have crazy heat when im going away... ill have to wear my hair up tonight now otherwise i will sweat my little heart out. I dont like sweating... i want to be skinny and not sweat.

So i cant remmeber if i said it in my last post but i have changed my diet. Im now having optifast shakes for breakfast and lunch with a banana at morning tea and banana or grapes as an afternoon snack.... dinner i will have crumed chicken kiev with salad (the chicken is pretty fatty) which is basically it.... honestly its hard just having shakes... they are satisfying for a good amount of time but not for long long periods... i know when i have my fill this will be easier but i hope how i am eating at the moment is good and gets the scales moving a bit... i still exercise every morning but im not doing work outs twice a day.... im too tired now at night... maybe thats why the scales arent moving grrrrr.

Walking has created some gnarley nasty blisters on my feet, specially from this morning i shall attach photos.... my heals are getting so cracked its horrid... i need a good cure for this or a good pedicure or whatever they call it (you can tell i dont get them).

Finally getting my regrowth died this afternoon, my hair has been horrid... also on a fun note my melbbourne tickets are all booked for me to go ont he 28th Jan.... thats a huge motivation because wanna loose some weight before i get into that plane seat.... that is the one thing that has held me back so much from flyign is the seats.... being tall and having wide hips is horrible :( i feel like a giant freak when im on the flights... hopefully i can have a seat where im not sitting next to someone so i can sprawl out :D

I was going to post nasty pics of my blisters but i have run out of tim e:D


  1. Its a shame I can't see those nasty blisters!! Hehe joke :P

    Good on you for being so stict with doing opti shakes morning and noon, thats shows some will power my friend!!

    Maybe you know how to get a good picture.....but I still believe you've got a pretty normal body :):)
    Hope its not too hot over there in perth!! Adelaide is getting hot too :( xx

  2. LOL! Narly feet??? Awesomeness! Mine are bad too...running will do that. So I've learned ways to pamper my feet over time and I just do it regularly! I don't know about there, but here in the US we have this handheld razor thingy, lol, sorry IDK what it's called. But SOME spa's and stores have it, some don't. It's actuallly illegal in a few states, seems odd to me. But it's for the cracked, hard skin on the heel. Works super awesome! Only necessary though if it's really bad. If a lil bad you can guy foot file thingy, IDK what those are called either, sorry! Use 'em in the tub. Lube your feet up with oil or lotion, puts socks on, before you go to bed. Helps a lot! :-D