Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Arghhh the wonders of life.....photos photos and more photos

I guess i should have weighed myself today but ill go but last weeks results....
32 kg = 70.4 lbs

so im very much sitting around the same figures but im ok with that.... i have something like 26kilos to loose over the next 6months and im completely happy with that ;-D

A random shot i took awhile back.
Got a bit random with my friend dave the other night and heres a couple of photos from the adventures...
Dave in his madhatters hat... his obsessed with it.

Nawwww his cute.
Me in his mask he made years ago lol

me before the wedding

wedding with friend

me with some girls at the wedding
me with my friends at the wedding.... you have no idea how tiny all these girls are.... THEY ARE TINY... i feel like a giant fatty next to them :(

Harry in the water a few weeks ago

Me the other day trying to take a full length shot on my own ahahah

Yet another random shot of me

The damage to my car :(
Well yes i am still here watching.....

Im insanely horrible blogger these days and you can blame facebook... it has destroyed and taken over my world yet AGAIN :(
Nothing crazy has been goiing on.... wake up, walk dog, do muscle work outs, go to work, come home go on ellipitcal and then maybe go do something fun with someone maybe.
In general all is same ole same ole.
The band is ok... its doing its job on somedays and then somedays its pretty slack... last few days its been tight so i havent eaten much then somedays its not tight an di can eat whatever... i have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday... i can really afford it and im not sure i should be doing it but i havent had a fill or seen the doc for 3 months so maybe i do need it but i am pretty tight'ish but like i said that changes all the time.
Havent lost heaps of weight but i actually havent been on the scales much.... i know i lost another kilo the other week but it wasnt much.... i honestly think im gaining muscle which is making my weightloss a lot slower but i also know that i havent eaten all that great lately either aahah im having these surgary ice chocolate frozen drinks in the morning and even though i know they are bad for me they actually fill me up for the whole day... i have one at 8am and then i dont want anything until liek 4-5 in the afternoon which is pretty good.... i think?! ill ask my doc... he prob wont agree because they have sugar in them lol.
Other then that nothing exciting is happening in my life..... everything is costing to much... had a car accident and the back end of my car is dented and its over $1500 worth of damage so i have to pay $400 for excess with my insurance :( and i have a tax bill off $180 which sucks.... all before christmas and then i have to go christmas shopping which i have barely thought about.
I also need to be careful with my spendings so i have enough money for Melbourne.... i hope its a good holiday because i probably wont be having one for awhile.
anyways i guess thats enough..... nothing exciting else to say ahahah.


  1. Happy 6 month :) You have done great so far and are looking good in your pics!

  2. Awesome pics, as usual! Happy bandiversary!

  3. I'm excited for you! Yay for a period, not!~!!! :D I used to do the Elliptical EVERY time I hit the gym! It is a great calorie burn. But I worried about too much muscle too. In fact, that may be my problem. i finally blogged again today about not losing pounds but inches...it's odd. congrats on your anniversary!

  4. Love the pictures...of course :) Happy 6 month!! 70 pounds is amazzzzing! Keep it up girlfriend!