Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where am i at?

not the best photo but this is with one of my friends from a week or so ago

Good question.....

On the band front i think all is ok, like i said the other day the surgeon is very happy with where i am at so im feeling pretty good too.... but i do no that some of the choices im making and what im putting in my mouth isnt the best but as long as im aware of it i think its ok.

On the emotional front i have been suffering quite a bit with loneliness but its funny because i have been so good.... i think its a balance thing, things cant be awesome all the time so theres bound to be moments when you crash and burn and unfortunately recently that has been happening. Maybe its because its getting closer to christmas and i always seem to reflect around holiday on how i am alone. I have only had a couple of rough nights on my own but heres hoping this week is better.

Honestly the only thing i really look forward to now is derby training and i have only just started that but i think it gives me a sense of purpose and its a decent hobby. This is important for me and i hope hope hope that i can get fit enough and stick with it. My friend who trains with me messaged me last night because she was so excited about going again which was so cute.

Laughter is amazing isnt it? LAst night i went out to watch a friends band which was fun in itself but i had spoken to tim and he invited me over his if i didnt want to stay out and so i went to see the band for a little and then went over his and even though i was having fun with my friends i always see them and do that so going and seeing tim was something different. We stayed up watching The Room and then some skits on youtube..... it was hilarious..... it hurt from laughing so much! I like hanging out with him..... yet another one of those situations where they are probably just friends but i get a crush although i have had a crush on this guy for like 5 yrs now so maybe its fair to say its ok if i have small feelings for him..... hopefully he will wanna hang soon.

Mikes got a new girl in his life which is AWESOME but means i have another person gone to hang out with..... maybe thats why i have been so funny about it all.... maybe its because my bestie has disapeared on me. Oh well.


  1. I hope you have had a great holiday season!! Write again when you can!

  2. Hope you're ok lovey, am missing you!