Friday, September 2, 2011


I quit my job yesterday.....

After 3 years here im going.... the new owners depress the crap out of me.

Do i have another job to go to? No.... but its ok i think ill be alright.

Send me positive vibes yo!


  1. ahhhh such a huge change!
    good luck with everything hun
    i'm sure it was for the best :)

  2. You haven't blogged since you quit your job. I hope things are going well for you!

    Anyway, I'm also writing to ask you to post/email about my doctoral dissertation. While it's hard losing weight on your own, it's not necessarily easier with a spouse or partner. Sometimes partners/spouses undermine weight loss through acts like complaining about healthier food, gifting high-caloric foods, or even through abusive language/acts. I'm creating an anonymous, online survey to assess for partner undermining and to learn more from those who experience it.

    To be eligible to take the survey, participants need to have experienced this in their current relationship (of at least the past 2 years), and have been participating in a weight loss program for the past 5 consecutive weeks. For more info, see