Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where am i at now?

Good question.....

I have gained..... in many ways :-\

I have been with the boyfriend now for 6 months.... and dont get me wrong it hasnt been smooth sailing but we certainly did get comfortable with eachother.

Ive gained since being with him 10-13 kilos :-( what a disapointment. Im very glad i am a aware and doing something about it though.

I havent been able to afford to see my surgeon so now i am on my way back to healthy eating and exercising like i did before.
I know what the problem was..... being sad and depressed from my work led me to eating so much more there which i have now stopped... back to healthy eating and i had completely stopped exercising in winter..... thats changed and i back to at least 30 mins a day.

Im thinking positive.... i want to try try try and focus on this blog again for the support and encouragement.... heres hoping its not all talk.

Heres a picture of the boy and i.....


  1. aww yayyy you're back!!! missed you!
    You and the boy look adorable. such a cute couple! so glad you are happy and loved up :) xx

  2. Glad that you're doing ok, you look very cute together!

  3. I am thrilled to see you have returned too. I have been missing a while myself. I am so glad you have found a companion. I know how tough things were for you before and your worry you would never find someone. I am so happy for you.