Monday, February 28, 2011

What happened to my blog?!

Ahahah oh well... no matters, at the moment i cant be bothered organising to fix it so it will just have to stay the way it is.

If any of you read this anymore im sorry it has been so long... im pretty hopeless and having facebook back has meant that i haven't felt the need to vent on here as much but thats a little bit of a lie, there is so much i need to get off my chest and word vomit about but it just seems silly to do so because its always the same lardidah.

I haven't weighed myself for months.... i wont let myself... im in fear it has gone up and until i feel like its gone down again im not going to step foot on it and yesterday i ate so badly right now it would be the worst decision to get back on the scales. I haven't weighed myself since before my holiday and since coming back from my holiday i have been to scared to actually jump on the scales.

I don't think i have had any huge gains but i certainly would be pretty upset if it hasn't moved to much, funnily enough without even doing much of anything i have felt like i have lost some but that's probably just kidding myself ahahaha.

Since coming back from Melbourne its changed a lot inside my head.... there is this new confidence that has come about but im not sure what it is from....

Melbourne kind of made me realise life is to short and i need to be leaving more and doing what i should be doing and not letting my body hold me back as i am beautiful.

I met two guys over in Melbourne.... 1 that i hooked up with and 1 that i was potentially meant ot hook up with when i got back to Perth but ill tell you about my Melbourne story now....

Melbourne.... oh Melbourne.... the new love of my life.... i actually do feel i must write this all down so i have a definite re cap of the amazing events of my holiday.... even though this is weeks after i got back.

Flew out on the Friday from 40degree weather into Melbourne hot weather (i was hoping it'd be nice and cool... umm no) i got into melb at about 7 at night i think and it was still light and bright until around 8:30-9pm which i kinda didn't like but thats ok... first night stayed in and ate pizza with my friends who i was staying with.
Saturday we ventured out during the day (nice and hot) and went shopping in Fitzroy i think which not to much happened but i did buy a new dress and cardigan that i now LOVE! (ill show you pictures). Came home that night and organised to go to the Croft Institute which is a bar in China Town that is hidden down an alley. We got there and it was SUPER HOT but relatively easy to find and because its unique every tourist was there possible, you drink out of syringes and stuff ahahah ti was amusing but too hot for me to enjoy myself. We then went to Cherry Bar and drank more which was fun as there was a bunch of glam rockers there who were hilarious to look at.
Sunday more shopping and late breakfast and then later that night we went to the Ding Dong Lounge for my friends gig which was yet again hot but pretty damnnn fun, met new people hung around and acted like a groupie to the band. Josh one of the guys from the band his cousin was staying with him from America and this boy was soooo nice and it was nice to meet fun different people. Id like to point out that the whole time i was in Melbourne i only met like 2 people who were actually from Melbourne... otherwise i partied with mostly people from Perth, the rest of Australia and Americans lol!
Monday was a bit more of a recovery day but we did go into the city for more shopping and it seemed it was going to be a ridiculously hot day but actually in the city it was nice and cool and we met up with a friend of mine and had lunch and we all hung out acting like idiots. That night we all had Deftones.... which omg so ridiculously excited for....
We rocked up to Deftones a little late and it was packed and hot in the venue but the venue was amazing The Palace is incredible! Anywhoo my friend Hanou was there and he was standing on the stairs in front of the sound guys which was probably one of the better positions and so i squished in with him in front of the sound desk.... i was standing next to these two guy and i asked if they were from Melb (that was my thing to do...) and they replied with no we are from Sydney and i was like ohh ok and are you only over here for Deftones and the guy directly next to me was like ummmm nah im here doing Tools lighting.... when he said this i gave him i a dirty look and was all like yeahhhh right buddy you wish.... so we stood around for a little and then i needed to go to the loo so i walked through everyone to the toilets and then tried to make my way back to my friends.... well anyways this crazy skinhead guy wouldn't let me through, he was huge and was having a go at me for being late and how i didn't deserve it and how i would block his friends view (which i wasn't doing int he first place) it all got pretty aggressive and i was freaking out a little thinking this guy was about to deck me.... everyone else was watching which was super embarrassing... i told him i wasn't even from melb and flew over for these guys and if he could not be a prick and let me in thatd be appreciative... so anyways finally he looks at his mate and is like "what do ya reckon man?!" and they finally stepped aside and let me in.... assholes when i got back to my spot everyone was all asking me if i was ok aahahah. So anyways i stood next to the guys i was with before and the guy with the long hair (who was pretty damnn hot) turned to me and told me he was going to get more drinks and to save his spot... i said cool no worries. Deftones started playing and he wasn't back so i was hanging with his friend who was cool.... it was so hot in the venue we were all sweating our balls off it was nasty.... so anyways the cute guy with long hair who had told me he worked for Tools lighting crew ended up not lying.... when i next looked at the stage there he wass behind stage watching Deftones... and here i was telling myself OMG YOU JUST LET THAT GUY GET AWAY..... so Deftones were amazing and it was a stupidly awesome show and im glad i saw them.... when it was all over the lighting guy came back and he started to want to talk to me but i had to leave because my friends were walking out.... when we had gotten out i was totally regretting not getting that guys number because he was a hook up for Tool arghh($&(@&$(_@ so we stood (im such a groupie). So my friends decided to get dinner at this late night Indian restaurant so i figured i hang around the front having a cigarette and see if any of these guys come out but ill make it not look so suss.
So anyways the sound guy for Deftones comes out and starts talking to me and he was very cool.... then after waiting for ages the guy with long hair ends up coming out and sees me and comes over to talk (his name is Jared by the way) anyways he tells me that his coming over to Perth for Tools lighting and if i wanna catch up to give my number to him... so that's what he does, takes my number... WINNER! he gives a polite kiss and cuddle when i leave and then that's it.... i was like a kid in a candy story so stupidly excited.
Tuesday the day was mostly spent doing nothing but the boys flew in early (mike and his brother) because they were there for TOOL like me and they met up at Tina & Kanes house so we all could go into the city together and shop and get some lunch... That night we all had booked Dracula's which was so fun! Good food, fun bunch of people and an awesome show, i got a free photo with the whole crew because we were so hilarious mucking around with them. I would recommend everyone to go to Dracula's its so much fun!
Wednesday night was TOOL night.... i booked into my super ritzy hotel and the boys and i went for lunch then to the museum and then back to our hotels for naps....
The boys met me at my hotel to catch a cab to Tool and we lined up in the unexpected heat.. it was so hot waiting to go in we were all sweating and i made myself look pretty for nothing. Then we ran when we go in to get a good standing position.... in all honesty it was so uncomfortable waiting for them to come on but in the end it was so worth it... i was standing next to some cool guys from Adelaide that were fun! After seeing Tool.... WHO WERE AMAZING.... we caught a taxi to Cherry Bar to have a drink because it was close to our hotels. We all ended up getting smashed drunk at this bar and i met a boy who i ended up hooking up with.... and said boy i was hooking up with told me that two of the guys from Tool just walked in... i was like WHHATTTTTTTTTT so i ended up drinking with Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor from Tool... i cant express how crazy this is on this blog.... my life was now complete. So i was stupid drunk and hooking up with this guy and he kept pressuring me to go back to my hotel... and i was like nah (i didn't know him from a bar of soap) so mike ended up rescuing me and taking me back to my hotel where we frolicked the whole way because we were so spun out we got to meet the guys from Tool.
Thursday.... so hung over and tired.... at this stage i had been out until 5am nearly every morning since i had been in Melbourne so i was surprised i was still surviving. Went shopping on Chapel street with the boys and found some good buys. That night was my only chilled night to stay in my hotel and Josh ended up inviting me to his for that night so i ended up catching public transport on my own to his place in Brunswick which was an adventure in itself ahahaha then i came back to my hotel, watched Fantasia and had a bath and ate bad food... it was awesome!
Friday i was meant to fly out but i had changed my flights so that i could hang out for one more night to watch Kanes band for one last time because they were breaking up.
Went to Yah Yahs that night and drank to much too quick... there were mini floods where we were going and it was crazy.... i was beginning to get sick... everything finally was catching up with me and i felt a little miserable but i still ended up having fun.... when they had finished playing they ended up putting on 1950's-60's old school rock n roll which was super good to listen too... so Daniel, Josh's cousin got up to dance with me which was amazing.... he was such a good dancer and it was the perfect way to end my last night in Melbourne because dancing with someone who can dance is so much fun.
Saturday went to a friends shop in Melbourne quickly before i flew out and bought a black rockabilly swing dress which is cute! Then flew out at 3pm Melbourne time.... i was pretty sick by this time and i was lucky enough to have 2 seats to myself on the flight home... THANKGOD and i chilled out the whole flight yay.

So after all my Melbourne adventures i flew back into Perth at 4pm where the following day i had the BIG DAY OUT..... and i was so sick :(
Went to the BDO and had an amazing time... Rammstein were super rock n roll and i ended up messaging Jared the lighting guy and we saw eachother at the end of Tool where he gave me the printed off set list.... which was pretty amazing... without going into detail i couldnt see him that night as he flew out at 6am so we sent eachother some pretty naughty text messages.....

So anyways life is crazy... Melbourne was crazy and i came back seeing things differently.
Tim is driving me insane but im trying to move on from him because he needs to voice whether he likes me or not soon cause i wont stay around for him because im considering selling my house and moving to melb.

Another boy has just come out of nowhere who i haven't seen for years and blatantly told me he wants a casual thing... which i might be up for... we have had a lot of sexual tension for many years now....

Im going to do another post just of photos as this one is insane long.

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