Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Like really... how annoying is that time of the month.....

It is screwing with everything at the moment. Mood swings like crazy, bad eating habits, weight gain that isnt really gains because it disappears not long after its all over with.

Worst part is... im off a contraceptive and so im having my periods like normal but it is with HORRIBLE PAIN which was what it was like when i first got it in my teens.

Im home from work because i cant function at work.... thats how bad it is.

I have a big movie thing on tonight im meant to go to tonight and i dont wanna miss out because i half organised it..... so heres hoping i get better.

Stupid body... its annoying me.

Otherwise everything is ok.

Seems that time of the month ends up defining all the confusion i have a week before.


  1. Sorry to hear your period is playing such havoc. Hopefully it'll go soon. Try taking a anti inflamatory, eg nurofen. Might help. Mine was a shocker this month as well. Glad it is over!

  2. Its HORRIBLE - just horrible ttotm! It just screws with everything like you said. Hot bath, glass of wine and you will get through it xx

  3. I hear your pain.. I can bearly function when I have TTOTM so nasty.. Once you come off the Pill they are worse then get better and better.. I also find some acupuncture helps and evening primrose also helps after a few months of taking it! When all this fails naprogesic is my firend and a wheatbag! xxx

  4. Hi Ash. Love ya blog... nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award over at my blog. V.